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Manor House Publications has been publishing inspirational books for healing of the soul, mind, body and spirit for the past ten years. These books include works of poetry, self-awareness, health and healing, inspiration, and peace. Our authors endeavor to produce quality publications that are both timely and informative. The books deal with sensitive issues, such as child abuse, abuse toward women and various forms of trauma to the human body and spirit. Our publications provide introspective and illuminating glimpses into the human condition. They present timeless contributions to the empowerment not only of former victims of abuse but also for all of those who may have lost their way and need the reconnecting space of poetry and prose.

One forthcoming publication deals specifically with the empowerment of vulnerable children through the medium of poetry. Using prominent consultants from various child advocacy organizations in the fields of psychiatry, social work and psychology, our author has crafted poetry for children which helps to address their individual needs and encourages them to create their own poetry on the path toward self-awareness and greater self-esteem.

Our authors work with various organizations and agencies, in particular, The International Health Awareness Network, The Survivorsí Art Foundation, The National Council of Women of the United States, The International Council of Women, The Center for Childrenís Support, The Philadelphia Childrenís Alliance, and Heartbeat, South Africa.

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