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White Feather: A Journey to Peace

By Suzanne Stutman

White Feather by Suzanne Stutman

Hard Cover, ISBN:0-9648261-4-3, 168 p., $21.95

This new collection of poems contains pieces which tell the universal stories of those who have experienced trauma. These poems share with others the beauty of the human spirit as it searches to heal and recreate itself and to reach toward the light of hope and freedom.

"White Feather: A Journey to Peace reflects the work and devotion to peace that Dr. Stutman has embraced and nurtured on behalf of others for so many years. These beautiful poems express that even from the darkness there can be light, healing and blossoming, especially from a heart so pure and full of love as Suzanne Stutmanís."–Sorosh Roshan, M.D., MPH, President of The International Health Awareness Network and Vice President of The International Council of Women

White Feather: A Journey to Peace contains poems which have been written, donated, and displayed on behalf of national and international organizations. Among them: The International Health Awareness Network, Friends of the Children, The Center for Childrenís Support, The Philadelphia Childrenís Alliance, The National Council of Women of the United States, The International Council of Women, The International Medical Womenís Association, and Heartbeat and Age-In-Action in South Africa.

Her poems have been presented and displayed at the United Nations in New York, as well as in Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, South Korea, South Africa, and at various locations in the Unites States. Dr. Stutman is the Immediate Past President of The National Council of Women of the United States and Vice President of the International Health Awareness Network.

In Dr. Stutmanís Introduction to White Feather she says, ďLet us carry hope in our pocket and when we are tired or hurting, let us take it out and stare into its center, and feel peace inside.Ē

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