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Broken Feather: A Journey to Healing

By Suzanne Stutman

Hard Cover, ISBN:0-9648261-0-0, 136 p., $19.95

Broken Feather by Suzanne Stutman

Broken Feather: A Journey to Healing is Dr. Stutmanís inspirational personal memoir of child abuse, incest, recovered memory & spiritual healing. She tells her story which unfolds from the shattered chapters of her childhood to the gradual awakening of an inner strength and resilience, leading her toward a deeper awareness of peace and spiritual tranquility. Through the enchanted world of poetry and prose, her story will enable other victims to view themselves with pride and dignity, not with the shame and remorsefulness which so often accompanies this shattering experience.

According to noted psychiatrist Leonard Shengold, M.D. author of Soul Murder,"Suzanne Stutmanís beautiful, poetic and moving book, Broken Feather, expresses the terrible, confusing, lonely emotional world of the abused and neglected child. It is also a heartening reminder that, alongside being scarred, it is possible to transcend childhood trauma and deprivation Ė and, surprisingly enough, that such assault on the soul of the child can, sometimes and somehow, lead to, as well as stifle, artistic creativity."

Dr. Stutman is a professor of English, American Studies and Womenís Studies at Penn State Universityís Abington College. She has written poems on behalf of The International Health Awareness Network, The National Council of Women of the United States, The International Council of Women, Friends of the Children, The Center for Childrenís Support, The Philadelphia Childrenís Alliance, and The Survivors, Art Foundation. These poems have been read and displayed at the United Nations in New York and at various locations around the world.

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