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All the Power Rests With You

By Suzanne Stutman

All the Power Rests with You

ISBN:0-9648261-7-8, $12.95

"All the Power Rests with You" is a collection of poems written for children who might need the reassurance through the medium of poetry that they are indeed ok and special. Aided by her team of consultants from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, social work, and public health, Dr. Stutman has written in poetry a creative resource for pre-teens and adolescents. "All the Power Rests with You" opens a world of imagination and creative expression which children can use for their own individual empowerment and self-awareness. Included are chapters and activities entitled “Adventures in Writing Poetry,” “Feeling Safe,” “Feeling Out of Place,” “Positive Feelings,” and “The Future,” and over 50 blank pages upon which the children can craft their own poems, songs, stories, and pictures, thus providing them with their own individual creative diaries.

Book Consultants

“Once again, Sue Stutman shares with us her incredible talent for putting difficult feelings into words and encourages readers to express themselves, using the art of poetic expression. This book will be a great resource to children and adolescents who want to better express, and understand, their own feelings about some difficult subjects.”—Christina M. Kirchner, LSW, Executive Director, Philadelphia Children’s Alliance

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